Big Data Analytics Tokyo

Every Aspect of Business is in Flux. We are Moving to Data-Driven reality that is disturbing markets, corporate cultures , and entire industries. Big Data analytics Tokyo will transform the way you think avout Data.

Tuesday, February 07

  • 9:35 am to 10:15 Am

    Building Innovation Ecosystems: What Can Tokyo Learn from Cambridge?

    Tim Rowe


  • 10:15 am to 10:55 pm

    A Behind-the-Scenes Peek of an Analytics Startup

    Takafumi Kusano

    BrainPad Inc.

  • 10:55 am to 11:30 am

    The New Vanguard for Business Connectivity, Design, and the Internet of Things

    David Rose

    Ditto Labs


  • 11:30 am to 12:40 am

    Lunch Break

  • 12:40 Pm to 13:15 Pm

    Innovation Track : Uncovering Team Performance Dynamics with Data & Analytics in Complex Engineering Projects

    Bryan Moser, Ph.D.

    University of Tokyo

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